Because the Night (2015)

Installation, videos, performance.
Runway, bar tables, mirrors, lights, Austrian curtain, textiles, manicured hands, printed photos, signage, glitter, television, projection.
Variable dimensions. 2015

Drawing upon the original function of Casa Maauad as a bordello, Because the Night was a site-specific installation which sought to invert the relationship of the preemptive gaze. The project took place in a forgotten room of the house that had never before been used for exhibition.

Mirrors, fabrics, illumination and videos created a nightclub atmosphere and an automated sort of “performance” in the otherwise uninhabited space. Visitors entered through a secret passageway and directly onto a runway, putting them at the center of attention of this absent audience.

The objects and textiles were replicated through the mirrors and video so that they seemed to bleed into one another, creating an eerie, dreamlike atmosphere of disjointed entities. The disarticulated footage of enshrouded female dancers used elements of the installation, creating a conversation with the vacant space, one in which the visitor saw themself instead of another.

(excerpt from installation)