Moving Parts (2013)

Cardboard from recycled SRE folders, dyed fibers, bodysuit with veil.
Variable dimensions, aprox. 4m x 3m x 1m
Mexico City, 2013

For this performance, I hung from the window of an abandoned building in a public space. My face was covered and I extended my arms out in offering. I framed myself in two pillars of fabric banners and another textile backdrop.

The work was conceived as a response to street harassment. I wanted to create an image both curious and terrifying, one of objectification impregnated with a knowingness, an “awaresishness” a subjectivity implicit in my artifice. I wanted to take my overt and constructed difference from my adopted society to another level by creating a public display for contemplation of what was in question.

I was also thinking about the realms of gender – female being associated with interiors and privacy, and the public sphere with maleness – and therefore situated myself between the public and private by hanging from the window.

Lastly, I thought about the inevitable decadence of beauty, and contemplated this visually by temporarily aligning myself with the beautiful collapsing building, embodying for a moment a ghost of glamour.