Quickstep Ball-change (2015)

In collaboration with Stéphanie Janaina
live performance / video transmission
Casa Maauad, Mexico City / Recess, New York

The artists performed a continuous looping costume-change for two hours, incorporating previously recorded video of the same performance.

The performance was transmitted live to Recess in New York, where a simultaneous event hosted by ESP T.V. took place. Recess transmitted live video mixing, sourced from a sewing factory in Bangladesh and a barter shop set up in the New York gallery, to Casa Maauad, where it was projected along side the performance. The multimedia simulcast addressed a common theme of anxieties related to the production and consumption patterns of clothing.

The performance marks the close of Official Office, an international platform for video art curated by Recess (New York), S.T.O.R.E. (Dresden) and SOMA (Mexico City).